ClamAV Antivirus Download for Windows and Mac

ClamAV Antivirus Download for Windows and Mac -

ClamAV Antivirus Download for Windows and Mac – ClamAV Antivirus is a preferred tool to detect harmful software application or malware. While it calls itself an anti-virus engine, it possibly will not encounter lots of viruses, as they have come to be uncommon. It is more likely to find other kinds of malware like worms, backdoors, and also ransomware. ClamAV can be made use of in a couple of ways, from doing an occasional check approximately scanning in batch.

ClamAV does refrain from doing on-access scanning yet can be incorporated with other tools to obtain comparable functionality. ClamAV Antivirus is commonly made use of to sustain scanning inbound e-mails for destructive material.

Download ClamAV Antivirus 0.101.2 | Latest Version 2019

Description Download Size Download Link
Download ClamAV 0.101.2 latest stable release 20.06 MB Download
Download ClamAV Windows 32bit 32.06 MB Download
Download ClamAV Windows 32 (Portable) 5.82 MB Download
Download ClamAV Windows 64bit 5.04 MB Download
Download ClamAV Windows 64bit (Portable) 6.53 MB Download
Download ClamAV Mac (install using MacPorts) Download

ClamAV Antivirus Review

Just how it functions

The tooling has several components, including a daemon process called clamd. By using a Milter user interface, email can be scanned within mail applications like Sendmail and Postfix. Optionally, the command-line utility clamdscan can speak with the daemon and request scanning of information.

ClamAV utilizes a few meaning databases which have the fingerprints of malware examples. Each energy in charge of scanning will certainly work with this collection of data sources. The freshclam tool is a helper energy to update these databases.

History details

The ClamAV project has a lengthy background and also is currently under growth by Cisco. This is an indirect procurement, as very first the Snort job was gotten by Sourcefire. Then Cisco obtained Sourcefire in 2013, making it the brand-new proprietor of the job.

Usage as well as audience

ClamAV Antivirus is frequently utilized for malware evaluation, malware discovery, or malware scanning. Target users for this tool are public, malware experts, and also system managers.


Command line interface
Customization as well as enhancements are possible
Custom hauls

ClamAV ® is the open resource standard for mail entrance scanning software program.
ClamAV includes a multi-threaded scanner daemon, command line energies for as needed data scanning and automatic trademark updates.
ClamAV supports multiple file formats, file and archive unpacking, and also several signature languages.

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