ClamWin 0.99.4 Last Update 2019 Free Antivirus Download

ClamWin 0.99.4 Last Update 2019 Free Antivirus Download -

ClamWin 0.99.4 Last Update 2019 Free Antivirus Download – ClamWin is a free, open resource anti-viruses for all Microsoft ® Windows ® operating system variations. It is one of the easiest to configuration and also take care of anti-virus products. It is also the only “cost-free” anti-viruses offered for Windows ® individuals. It is based on ClamAV engine and includes a high discovery rate for viruses and spyware, a scanning scheduler, menu integration to Microsoft ® Windows ® s Explorer etc. If you’re seeking a mobile variation you can inspect the ClamWin Portable packaged as a portable app from here.
Important: Currently, ClamWin Free Anti-virus does not offer an on-access real-time scanner, which implies that you require to scan by hand a file in order to test it for malware. Nonetheless, you can scan several folders/OS partitions or add them as scheduled scans.
Hallmark Note 1: Microsoft ®, Windows ® and various other product names are either signed up trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Firm in the USA and/or other nations.

ClamWin Review
In the last 15 years, I tried and I paid for a number of anti-viruses licenses as well as I likewise found out one beneficial point. The most effective protection versus viruses, trojans, worms, backdoors, adware, spyware is always your level of education when it boils down to safety and security as well as your “good sense”.
No, I am not speaking about being a safety professional or computer system master. You require a fundamental expertise (to give an example: do not download open email accessories, do not visit shaddy sites such as porn sites, scan a documents before opening etc. – you can locate all these pointers on the net) and certainly, a suitable collection of devices that are available absolutely free.
I discovered this by hand, many years ago when I lost all my data on a computer system, making use of a totally license, paid antivirus item (current) which didn’t acknowledged an unsafe variation of Virut infection. After I scanned my PC with other antivirus products, they acknowledged this virus however none of them had the ability to cleanse my hard drive so I ended up doing a full HDD overwritte as well as a new OS reinstall.
Consequently, is this another “cost-free” anti-viruses? Check the attributes section listed below and also continue reading:

  1. Presently the only open resource and 100% free anti-viruses for Microsoft ® Windows ® (for various other OS check ClamAV).
  2.  High prices of detection for a lot of infections and spyware
  3. Scan Organizing
  4. Automatic downloads Infection Data source
  5. Standalone virus scanner and also menu integration with Windows Explorer
  6. Automobile add right into Outlook as well as gets rid of infected add-ons

I make sure you saw the first phrase “the only open source as well as 100% totally free antivirus” which indicates that you will certainly never need to buy a permit and the resource code is also publicly offered, which is necessary due to the fact that other safety and security specialists can inspect the source code, but that’s an additional conversation.

Download ClamWin 0.99.4 for Windows

File Description Size Download Link
ClamWin for Windows 32-bit 164.66 MB Download 
ClamWin for Windows 64-bit 164.66 MB Download
Title ClamWin 0.99.4 Free Antivirus Download for Windows
Filename clamwin-0.99.4-setup.exe
Version V.0.99.4
Lisence Freeware
Sise 164.66MB

ClamAV for Linux :

  1. Ubuntu
    ClamAV can be found for Ubuntu in the apt repository. Run this code to install ClamAV:
    apt-get install clamav
    If you need clamd, maybe also want to run:
    apt-get install clamav-daemon
    If you require support for scanning compressed RAR files you need first to enable the non-free archive, and then you can install the RAR-plugin using:
    apt-get install libclamunrar6
  2. Debian
    ClamAV can be found in the apt repository. Run this command to install ClamAV:
    apt-get install clamav
    If you need clamd, you may also want to run:
    apt-get install clamav-daemon
  3. Max OS
    ClamAV maybe compiled and use on macOS natively , or download and install via the MacPorts package system or the HomeBrew package system.Additionally, Fink also provides a ClamAV package.


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