SHAREit PC Free Download for Windows and Mac

SHAREit PC Free Download for Windows and Mac -

SHAREit PC Free Download for Windows and Mac – SHAREit, A wonderful application that can complete transferring documents in between gadgets in secs! Cellular information free! Authentic multi-platform!
PS : When transmission by means of Wi-Fi, transmission speed will certainly be impacted by the devices and the surrounding.

1. Fantastic.

  • Photos, music and video are easy to show to any person at any time, brings people with each other
  • Transfer data in between phone and computer any time, moving is no more limited.

2. Cellular data free.

  • Gadget might transfer data anytime as long as they get on the same LAN.
  • Without LAN ? Tools could attach to hotspot that are created by one of them, always might move data at any moment.
    – Transfer data over hotspots if not making use of mobile data.
    – Does not sustain transfer files over hotspots that are produced by Windows Phone.

3. Multi-platform.

  • SHAREit is compatible with Android, iphone, Mac, Windows and also Windows Phone.
  • Share the happiness to the people who are around you any time.

Download Shareit for Windows DOWNLOAD HERE

Filename : SHAREit-KCWEB_4023394371.exe
Size : 2.61 MB
Licence: Freeware
Initial release date: 2015
Android: 4.6.48_ww / 11 January 2019;
Windows Desktop:
Windows UWP:

Check out the new shareit app
1. Improve performance and enhance stability

1. fix crash bugs

1. fix UI bugs on WP81

1. fix bugs
2. increase loading file speed
3. fix some crash bug
4. optimize page animation
5. fix ui bugs

1. Fixed fail to load photo bug on select file page
2. Optimize UI experience on small screen
3. Fix scan QR code bug for some devices

1. fix user discover bugs
2. fix ui bugs
3. fix send file to pc fail bug

1. fix transmission bug
2. fix connect android hotspot bug
3. bring new select content ui for mobile version(UWP)
4. bring drag file feature for desktop version

1. fix transmission bug
2. add android hotspot scanner feature (Mobile Version)

1. fix transmission bug
2. optimization transfer experience
1. fix transmission fail bug with android device
2. add wifidirect password setting

1. fix transmission crash with lower version(WP81)
2. fix scan QRCode crash bug for some device
3. fix some transmission crash with android
4. adaptive UI for complete report on Desktop version
5. optimize UI for transmission page
6. optimize UI for scrollBar
7. bring Wi-Fi Direct feature

1. fix language bug

1. bring Windows 10 Desktop Version
2. Add qrcode scanner to connect pc
3. add send file in transimition page
4. fix bugs

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